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PART 10 – Joshua Jacob preaches on the 9th commandment – “Thou shalt not bear false witness”. He reminds us that the devil (diabolos) is “the accuser” or “the slanderer”, before outlining numerous ways in which we can be a false witness and use the tongue improperly – perjury, rumour-mongering, flattery, insinuation, slander and promise breaking. In Proverbs 6:17-19 “a lying tongue” and “a false witness” are 2 of the 7 things the Lord hates (Message preached 16th Sept 2018)

PART 11 – Michael Penfold preaches on the 10th commandment – “Thou shalt not covet”. After defining covetousness, he deals with the topic under 5 headings. The origin of, operation of, outcome of, opposite of, and overcoming of covetousness. Covetousness is a besetting sin that creeps into almost every sphere of life and needs constant mortification (Col 3:5). What does Paul mean in that verse when he says “Covetousness…is idolatry”? (Message preached 9th Sept 2018)

Mervyn Hall preaches on a vital Bible text: “You must be born again” (John 3:7). “You” – it’s personal; “must” – it’s essential; “be” – it’s real; “born again” – it’s spiritual. What does it mean to be born again? Why must I be born again? Listen to this vital message and learn your need of a divine regenerative work of God in your life if you ever hope to be in heaven. Do you say you are born again? Learn too that you cannot claim to have an encounter with God in new birth and remain unchanged (Message preached 22nd July 2018)

Aaron Callaghan tells his story of conversion to Christ while at University in 2013. Growing up in a Christian family and taken to gospel meetings from childhood, Aaron’s story demonstrates conclusively that “knowing the facts” of the gospel is not enough. Aaron wanted to go to University far from home in order to get away from the influence of the gospel – but God overruled his circumstances and Aaron was graciously brought to repentance and faith in Christ (Testimony given 22nd July 2018)

Michael Penfold preaches on the incarnation of Christ. Answering the mistaken idea that “the Lord took nothing from Mary”, Michael proves from Scripture that our incarnate Saviour was both conceived in and connected to His mother, and that this fact is vital for our redemption. In addition, the fact that the Lord Jesus had two natures – deity and humanity – in one person (‘hypostatic union’) is expounded. It is vital that Christ’s person is never divided, and His natures are never confused (Message preached 22nd July 2018)

Mervyn Hall preaches on the vital and fundamental doctrine of the Trinity – God in three persons. He explains that the Lord Jesus is not “part of God”. Each person in the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – is wholly, equally, simultaneously and fully God. Mervyn exposes Arianism, modalism and tri-theism, and identifies their modern proponents. He also explains why illustrating the Trinity using examples such as the sun, water, clover or an egg, is misleading and liable to reinforce ancient heresies (Message preached 15th July 2018)

GOSPEL TENT 2018 – Craig Munro preaches on the parable of the two foundations (Luke 6:46-49). What is your foundation? Reason, religion, good works, feelings? The only true foundation of Christ. Clive Barber speaks on “the beginning” and “the end” of the gospel. What will your end be if you refuse the gospel? (Messages preached Sun 8th July 2018)

GOSPEL TENT 2018 – Clive Barber preaches the gospel from the narrative of the helpless lame man in Acts 3 who received blessing through faith. Craig Munro preaches on a number of people who were touched by Christ in the Gospel of Mark and received healing and blessing as a result (Messages preached Sat 7th July 2018)

Baptised as an 8 day old baby and given communion from 6 months old, Clive Barber spent the first 17 years of his life in a legalistic religious sect that held meetings every day of the year. However, in all that time, Clive never learned he was a lost sinner in need of God’s salvation. Excommunicated and told to leave his home at age 17 (for infringing the sect’s rules), Clive turned against Christ, the Bible and Christians. He took to drugs, crime and vandalising churches – but by the grace of God, in Australia, he came under the influence of a saved businessman who gave him a job, a Bible and introduced him to the gospel of Christ. Over a period of months, God brought Clive under deep conviction of sin, until finally he trusted in the Lord Jesus for personal salvation from sin, after hearing the gospel preached by evangelist Norman Mellish (Testimony given 6th July 2018)

GOSPEL TENT 2018 – Craig Munro preaches on the topic of why God allows suffering. He seeks to show his audience that the presence of suffering in the world should not be a barrier to believing the gospel. Clive Barber compares the 7 questions in Psalm 88:10-13b with the 7 sayings of the Christ on the cross (Messages preached Thur 5th July 2018)

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