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PART 12 – Michael Penfold preaches on the person, work and titles of the Holy Spirit. He emphasises that the Holy Spirit is God, is a real person and is intimately involved in everything to do with the conversion and daily life of the believer in Christ. Titles such as “the Spirit of Christ”, “the Spirit of glory and of God” and “the Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead” are discussed (Message preached 23rd Apr 2017)

Peter Scarsbrook preaches on “good King Josiah” and draws lessons from the last great revival King of Judah. Though set a poor example by his father, and though young when he ascended to the throne, God mightily used the “boy King” to bring revival to God’s people (Message given 20th Apr 2017)

EASTER CONF 2017 (Part 3 of 3) – 36 minutes of singing from the Easter Monday meetings: “Great is Thy Faithfulness”; “Jesus the Very Thought of Thee”; “I am Thine O Lord”; “Lord to Thee My Heart Ascending”; “He Leadeth me”; “I Am So Glad that Our Father in Heaven”; “I Serve a Risen Saviour”; “Crown Him With Many Crowns; “Praise My Soul the King of Heaven”; “Will Your Anchor Hold?”; “O Wonderful Wonderful Word of the Lord” (File size: 29.78mb)

EASTER CONF 2017 (Part 2 of 3) – 37 minutes of singing from the Easter Sunday meetings: “Blessed Assurance”; “I Know not Why God’s Wondrous Grace”; “I Gave My Life for Thee”; “I Love to Tell the Story”; “Come Every Soul By Sin Oppressed”; “Years I Spent in Vanity and Pride”; “Have You Thought of the Great Judgement Day?”; “My Redeemer O What Beauties”; “I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say”; “There is a Land of Pure Delight”; “The Sweet Red Rose of Sharon”; “In the Land of Fadeless Day”; “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow” (File size: 30.28mb)

EASTER CONF 2017 – David Gilliland preaches on the Word of God, which we are to hold, handle correctly and herald forth. He illustrates this from the life of Martin Luther whose stand on “sola scriptura” at the Diet of Worms in April of 1521 was the pivotal moment in the Reformation. In a wide ranging biographical message, Mr Gilliland sets forth the courageous and history-making stand that Luther took under God, the good of which we still feel to this day (Message preached 17th Apr 2017)

Luther at Worms

EASTER CONF 2017 – Jack Hay preaches from Acts 28:1-3, drawing many pertinent and practical lessons from Paul’s arrival on the Mediterranean island of Malta (Melita – KJV). Issues touched on include assurance of salvation, unlimited atonement, humility in service and preservation in temptation (Message preached 17th Apr 2017)

EASTER CONF 2017 – Jack Hay preaches from Acts 27 and the narrative of Paul’s voyage to Rome that was shipwrecked along the way. Mr Hay draws lessons about the journey of life with its frictions, frustrations and foolishness – all of which can so easily rock our little boat and threaten to sink us beneath life’s complications. A salutary message containing many practical lessons (Message preached 17th Apr 2017)

EASTER CONF 2017 – David Gilliland preaches about “the land and the book”. Borrowing the title from author William Thomson, Mr Gilliland compares the land of Israel (the glory of all lands) with the Bible (the glory of all books). A most interesting and instructive message drawing out many parallels and making practical applications along the way (Message preached 17th Apr 2017)

EASTER CONF 2017 – Jack Hay preached on Deut 5:29 “O that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever!” He exhorts his audience to have a heart for God – a reverent earnest attitude in the Christian life at all times and in all things (Message preached 16th Apr 2017)

EASTER CONF 2017 – GOSPEL – David Gilliland preaches the gospel and takes for his topic “going to School and learning Christ” from Eph 4:20 and Acts 19:9. Jack Hay follows with a look at the resurrection of Christ and outlines the consequences that follow from this mighty historical event (Messages preached 16th Apr 2017)

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