Mar ’19 Weekend with David Vallance

We are looking forward to having an apologetics weekend with David Vallance (USA) from 1-3 March, 2019, God willing. David will be covering issues relating to truth, the existence of God, creation, evolution, Noah’s flood and other such topics.


FRIDAY 1st March
7.30-9.00pm…Days, Ages and Gaps – Interpreting Genesis Chs 1 and 2

SATURDAY 2nd March
3.00-4.00pm…Worldviews & Suppositions – Discussing the Scientific Method
4.00-4.15pm…Light refreshments
4.15-5.15pm…Universe & the Big Bang – Evidence from Physics & Astronomy
6.15-7.15pm…DNA and Design – Evidence from Chemistry and Biology
7.30-8.00pm…Question Box: Answers by David Vallance (Questions can be submitted ahead of time to or put in the question box during the weekend)

SUNDAY 3rd March
10.30-12.00pm…Breaking of bread
12.45-1.45pm…Fossils, Dinosaurs and Apemen – Geology and Paleontology
6.00-6.30pm…Prayer meeting
6.30-7.30pm…David Vallance will preach the gospel

Click here for a PDF flyer of the apologetics weekend.

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