Sunday Bible Class – Spring 2019

“Why I am…” is a series of Bible Class teaching sessions planned for the Spring of 2019 at 1.00pm on the following Sunday afternoons in Hebron Gospel Hall, God willing. Everyone is warmly welcomed to attend and benefit from the teaching:

Jan 13th – Introduction: Why stand for truth? (M Hall)
Jan 20th – Why I am a Christian (M Penfold)
Jan 27th – Why I am an Evangelical (M Hall)
Feb 3rd – Why I am Trinitarian (D Rudge)
Feb 10th – Why I am Creationist (J Jacob)
Feb 17th – Why I am Baptised (J Jacob)
Feb 24th – Why I am in an assembly (M Penfold)
(Mar 3rd – David Vallance apologetics weekend)
Mar 10th – Why I am Complementarian (M Penfold)
Mar 17th – Why I am a Dispensationalist (M Hall)
Mar 24th – Why I am a Cessationist (J Black)
Mar 31st – Why I am Premillennial (J Jacob)
Apr 7th – Why I am a Futurist (M Penfold)

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