Banbury Road Bicester 1960Banbury Road, Bicester, c. 1960

We began in 1965 in the village of Wendlebury, Oxfordshire, moving to our current site at 32a Banbury Rd in Bicester the late 1960’s, when Bicester’s population was a little over 5,000 (now over 35,000). The 200 seater Gospel Hall was built in the early 1970’s. Situated right in the centre of Bicester, the assembly in Hebron Gospel Hall has preached the gospel in the town and surrounding villages through Sunday Schools, Open Air meetings, Gospel Tents, Billboards and leaflet distribution for over 50 years.

001 The Upper Room
The Upper Room, 1965
004 Gospel Tent on Car Park
Gospel Tent, Banbury Road, 1968
Conference 1969 LARGE
August Bible Conference, 1969
006 Preaching in Market Square
Preaching in Market Square, 1971
005 Eternity Where poster
Eternity Billboard, London Rd, 1971
010 Mobile Gospel Hall Boston Road Bridge 1975
Portable Gospel Hall Boston Rd 1975
August Readings 1986
August Bible Conference, 1986
024 Hebron Gospel Hall Doc
A visit from Harold Paisley in 2002
Gospel Tent, Sunday School 2014
Gospel Tent, Sunday School, 2014
024 Hebron Gospel Hall Doc
Easter Conference 2015

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