Bible Basics for New Believers by Peter Scarsbrook - 4 messages (2016)

PART 4 – Christians need a spiritual home. The Bible speaks of Christians being “gathered in the name of the Lord Jesus” (Matt 18:20). In this message, Peter Scarsbrook looks at the truth of being part of a “local assembly”. Basing his remarks on Acts 2:42 he speaks of an assembly’s “foundation”, its “formation”, and a number of its vital “features”. If you are looking for scriptural guidance about assembly fellowship you will find this message helpful (Message preached 11th Aug 2016)

PART 3 – You’ve been saved, so what comes next? When Saul was saved on the road to Damascus his first question was, “Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do?” He was seeking to be consecrated and devoted to the Lord! In this message Peter Scarsbrook uses Paul’s life as an example of what it means to be totally dedicated to the Lord and explains how a new believer can begin to please the Lord in obedience and service (Message preached 4th Aug 2016)

PART 2 – Know your enemy! It is essential that the Christian be aware of the direction from which dangers and attacks will come along life’s journey to heaven. Peter Scarsbrook explains that the Bible reveals three enemies – “the world”, “the flesh” and “the Devil”. Learn what the Bible has to say about conflict with these adversaries and how to overcome in the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit. Peter outlines the armour of the Christian from Ephesians Chapter 6 (Message preached 28th July 2016)

PART 1 – What happened when you got saved? Peter Scarsbrook preaches on five of the blessings that became true of you the moment you were saved. 1) You became eternally secure, 2) You were indwelt by the Holy Spirit, 3) You became part of the church which is His body, 4) You joined the family of God and 5) Your nationality changed as you became a citizen of heaven. This is a beginner’s guide to the blessings of salvation, designed to instruct new believers in Christ (Message preached 21st July 2016)

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