Studies in Dispensationalism by various speakers - 13 messages (2015)

Dispensationalism Part 3 – Michael Penfold defines the critical terms “age” and “dispensation” before working his way through history from creation to the new heavens and new earth outlining the 7 Biblical dispensations as he proceeds. The 4 basic, always-repeated characteristics of each dispensation – revelation, responsibility, rebellion and retribution – are delineated in detail. Click here for a chart outlining the seven dispensations (Message preached 20th Sept 2015)

Dispensationalism Part 2 – Mervyn Hall gives a helpful overview of the Covenants of the Bible. He lists five: Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, Davidic and Messianic (New). He explains that these Covenants are God’s programme to restore everything that was lost in the fall. The culmination of God’s Covenant programme will be seen in “the Millennium”, the 1,000 year reign of Christ in a literal kingdom on earth. The Dispensational view of the Covenants differs greatly from the Reformed “Covenant Theology” view, making this a pivotal subject in this series (Message preached 13th Sept 2015)

Dispensationalism Part 1 – Laying a foundation for a wide ranging series of messages on dispensational truth, Mervyn Hall preaches on the basic principles of Biblical interpretation. How should the Bible be approached and studied? To rightly divide the word (2 Tim 2:15) – to cut a straight course through Scripture – what principles should guide us? Mervyn outlines 5: the synthesis principle; the historical principle; the literal principle; the grammatical principle and the practical principle (Message preached 6th Sept 2015)

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