The Local Assembly, with various speakers - 12 messages (2016)

PART 2 – Michael Penfold preaches on 7 reasons why a local assembly exists. It exists for God’s glory, to manifest His presence, to exhibit divine design, to administer divine authority, to display divine order, to proclaim divine truth and to fulfil the divine commission. Listen for an explanation of why denominational names – Presbyterian, Wesleyan, Lutheran etc. – are both too narrow and too wide at one and the same time (Message preached 10th Apr 2016)

PART 1 – Introducing this series on “the church and the churches”, Joshua Jacob sets out his material under three headings. Firstly, the definition of the church, an ekklesia, or a called-out company. Secondly, the distinctions between the local church and the body of Christ, and Israel and the Kingdom. Thirdly, the New Testament descriptions of the local assembly are spelt out to profit (Message preached 3rd Apr 2016)

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