Vital Guiding Principles for the Christian Life by John Dennison - 5 messages (2014)

Part 5 – The Worship of a Young Person – John Dennison preaches on the vital subject of worship and gives guidelines for worship from the life of Isaac. He warns against the twin extremes in worship of emotional excess on the one hand (Ur) and of dry mechanical ritual (Haran) on the other. He explains that God is as interested in how we worship as to the content of our worship. There must be separation, and preparation if there is to be true worship ascending to God (Message preached 5th Oct 2014)

Part 4 – The Wedding of a Young Person – John Dennison preaches on some scriptural keys to a godly marriage based on the narrative of Mary and Joseph. What was Mary taking into account as she considered marrying Joseph? His maturity, masculinity, testimony, history, spirituality and responsibility. After all, Joseph was to become responsible for Mary’s physical, emotional, moral, financial and spiritual care – no small matter. The challenge? If you’d like to marry a Joseph, be a Mary! (Message preached 4th Oct 2014)

Part 3 – The Watchfulness of a Young Person – John Dennison preaches a searching message on “overcoming temptation”, based on the story of Joseph from Genesis 39. Joseph faced dangers from society, from his history, from his attractiveness, from a predatory woman in a position of power – and all while he was alone and far from home. How did Joseph overcome? John Dennison outlines a number of defences that were in place that preserved Joseph and can preserve Christians today (Message preached 4th Oct 2014)

Part 2 – The Waiting of a Young Person – John Dennison asks “What is the secret to knowing God’s will?” He gives clear and helpful Biblical guidance on this vital subject, drawing heavily from the experience of the disciples in Acts 1. He emphasises the need for obedience, prayer and patience, and reminds his audience that God is “as interested in the process of us learning His will, as in the product of us doing His will.” John discusses the role of personal conviction, the counsel of others, our circumstances and even how common sense fits in with seeking to discern the will of God for our lives (Message preached 3rd Oct 2014)

Part 1 – The Walk of a Young Person – John Dennison asks “Is it possible for a young person to walk with God while surrounded on every hand by a godless 21st century western culture?” Yes it is, and Enoch’s example in Genesis 5 shows us how. But what does a walk with God look like? How can I focus on what is pleasing to the Lord, in a self-centred world? John Dennison give sound Biblical counsel and fervent exhortation to walk with God, and to live for Christ, with the reward of the judgment seat in view (Message preached 2nd Oct 2014)

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